Kuji-In basics

Kuji-In: Nine Mudras

1- Rin - Strength of mind & body, energy
2- Kyo -Master and direct energy, grounding
3- Toh - Harmony with the universe, balance and protection
4- Sha - Healing of self & others, regeneration
5- Kaï - Premonition, intuition, feeling
6- Jin - Telephathy, communication, knowing
7- Retsu - Mastery of time & space
8- Zaï - Control of the elements of nature
9- Zen - Enlightenment, invisibility, completeness

The complete method of power used by buddhist sorcerers and martial artists of spiritual quality, the nine kuji including the chakra associated with each kuji, the full prayer mantra, the phylosophy and add-ons will be found in the Chi-Gong and Kuji-in Book.

Kuji-In translates as "Nine Syllable Mudra." The number nine is the number that symbolizes completion. The hands are a primary focus. Each finger symbolizes an element. The thumb represents void, and is the power source for all the other fingers. It sybolizes creativity and spirit. The index finger represents wind and symbolizes wisdom and benevolence. The middle finger represents fire and symbolizes intellect and action. The ring finger represents water and symbolizes emotion and adaptability. The pinkey finger represents earth and symbolizes the physical body and stability.

Combine the 3 to manifest: movement (mudra), sound (mantra), tought (mind). In each practice, make the hand signs (mudra), say the single word repeatedly (mantra), and visualize the effect of the mudra (mind). Start with one, and don't go to the next until you are comfortable with the 3 parts of a level : hand/word/tought. When you master the 3 parts of a single level, and feel that "something is going on" in the energy planes, go to the other level. Each level can take 1 day to 1 month of daily practice before you master it. When you get to the 9th level, start to learn the more complexe mantras, starting with the first level again. They will enhance greatly the efficiency of the kuji-in practices, as the Divine will work with you in your practices.

In the following, the first photo is the good way to do it, and the second is there to show you how to place your fingers.

1- Rin


Middle finger extended, all others are crossed.

Used to gain Strength of the mind and of the body. This kuji must be done before anything else can truly be effective. This is the power source as well as the connection with the energy, and the strengthening of the mind and body in collaboration for other practices of the kuji-in. A stronger connetion to the energy source will make you stronger at every level. This kuji might elevate your body temperature.

From the kuji-in PDF book:

Chakra: Base
Prayer: On baï shi ra man ta ya sowaka

The RIN Kuji is used to strengthen your mind and body. This Kuji must be performed before any other Kujis can truly be effective. The RIN Kuji acts as a sort of hook-up to the Ultimate Source of all Power. By connecting you with this Divine energy, the RIN Kuji strengthens your mind and body, especially in collaboration with the other practices of the Kuji-In. A stronger connection to the Divine energy source will make you stronger at every level. Please be aware that this Kuji may elevate your body temperature.

Each Kuji is dependent on the Kuji before it. For example, before you practice the fourth Kuji to enhance your healing abilities, you must do the third Kuji to produce harmony and circulation in your intestines and bowels. Before you practice the third Kuji, you must perform the second Kuji, in order to let energy circulate throughout your body. The second Kuji will open the energetic doors between your neural system and your energetic system on the ethereal plane. Before you practice the second Kuji, you must do the first Kuji to get the raw power to work with, from your base Chakra. This is why all the Kuji practices must be done in the proper order, one after the other. It is also the main reason that trying to advance too quickly in your practices will not produce any useful results. If you imagine a long succession of plumbing pipes in series, leading finally to a pond, you can understand that, if you want the water to flow all the way to the pond, the valves must be open at every joint. Any restriction, (any valve that isn’t open) will restrain the flow of water from reaching the next section; ultimately, if the valves aren’t opened in the proper order, your pond will remain empty.


Visualize a red shining light descending from Heaven into your body, and lighting a flame at your Base Chakra, the region between your anus and your sexual organs. Relax and begin the visualization, perform the mudra, chant the prayer mantra calmly, slowly or quickly, as you wish, (or even at an accelerating tempo, then come back suddenly to a slower tempo. The Base Chakra is the point where the Sacred flame emerges into your energetic body.


It may be hard for you to believe, but the Universal Fire is situated at the base of your own experience: the base Chakra at the tip of your spine. You are all that there is; you simply don’t clearly understand what that means yet. On this path you will learn that, as the Sacred Flame grows brighter in you, it actually rises up your spine until it fills your entire body.

Breathe deeply and softly. Every inhalation nourishes the flame at your Base Chakra, encouraging it to fill you with Sacred Fire. Visualize the flame increasing in intensity, giving life to your entire body. As you are increasingly filled with this Sacred Fire, all the energy circuitry in your body will repair itself, becoming healthier and more alive as it receives the flow of the Universal Root energy: The Sacred Fire. This is your connection to All That IS.

Each time you make a decision, you will notice that some of your muscles tighten with fear. Muscles tighten when you have to make a decision because of the inherent biological fear that the human animal body holds. The objective of this exercise is to become conscious of the fearful nature of the human, animal part of you. Once you are aware of these fears, release them and trust yourself. Self-trust is the key to success in everything.

In the PDF book, you can find lots of information about each kuji-in step.


2- Kyo


Index extended, middle fingers are bent over the indexes to touche the tip of the thumbs. Two last fingers crossed inside the hand.

Kyo activates the flow of energy in and out. It is to help one learn to direct energy through the body, and eventually outside the body. Willpower directs energy, but you must not push too hard with your willpower. Willpower to direct energy is rather a "wanting it a lot" but not a "pushing hard face crippled" thing. Be at peace and relaxed when you apply willpower.

3- Toh


Thumbs and two last fingers erected, index and middle fingers crossed inside the hand.

With Toh, you develop your relationship with the immediate environment, and eventually with the universe. You fill yourself with energy and surround yourself with energy. It is the kuji of harmony. Accept the outside events of life while remaining at peace inside. Breath deeply inside your abdomen, without strain.

4- Sha


Thumb, index and last finger extended, middle and fourth finger crossed inside the hand.

With level four, one becomes a healer, in the sense that they now learn to heal people with the hands, or even just by being near. Absorbe golden and blue light from all around you, and it becomes glowing red power when it gets in your body. Accumulate this energy in your belly.

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